At Endurance bikes and spares we have financing options available to our clients those not able to raise
the whole amount required to purchase a new motorcycle. We give flexible repayment terms for a
period of 14months.Each model of the Bajaj boxer motorbikes has its own repayment amount on daily,
weekly and monthly basis. For one to qualify for a motorbike financing one must meet the following
1. Must not be listed in CRB
2. Must be above age of 23 years
3. you come with two guarantors, their I’d copies
4. Applicant must come with kra pin,I.d copies and passport
5. Must have a minimum deposit of ksh, 20,000 this amount stands for your insurance and tracking of
your motorbike
-Applicant gets the motorbike the same day after filling loan documents
-Then you get one week grace period to start doing the repayments.
Below is a schedule on how repayments is done on weekly and daily basis;