CT-125CC latest model of bajaj motorbikes most suitable to Kenya riders is an accessible commuter bike for intra city travel as well as longer journeys. A bike that is as strong as it is fuel efficient. As comfortable as it is reliable. No wonder, it is one of the most preferred bikes across the globe. CT 125cc spare parts are readily available at our showroom contacts today for sale, service and delivery across Nairobi.


• 4 stroke natural air cooled SI engine
• 8.2 Ps Power
• Fuel efficiency of 55 KMPL
• ExhausTEC

CT~125CC ensures best in class fuel efficiency of 55kmpl with its 4 stroke natural air cooled engine. Which means on a full tank, CT~125CC delivers a mileage of 500+ kms. This performance makes it an ideal commuter bike for city rides as well as long journeys. CT 125cc packs in a good 8.2Ps Power @ 7500 rpm and a torque of 8.05Nm @4500 rpm. Its natural air cooling ensures that the bike engine doesn’t overheat.