Boxer X150 is the ultimate off-road companion suitable for extreme conditions and the toughest of assignments. It’s designed to ride on all roads and come out strong. Best suitable in carrying heavy loads and riding on rough roads, has a powerful 150cc engine that allows the x150cc to carry heavy loads and still deliver the performance you expect from it.The bike is also fitted with wider seats to ease transportation and offer comfortable rides. Its long wheelbase along with mud grip tyres make it a strong contender for safe biking  It also has sports drum brakes to make handling easy and smooth. The Boxer X150 is equipped with a strong chassis that counters the ups and downs of rough roads to keep your ride solid and sturdy. Endurance bikes and spares is the leading supplier of x150cc motorbike in Nairobi and its environs.

Benefit of buying from us
>   we make sure the bike is tightened for safe riding
>   Comes with two helmets, 2 reflector jackets
>   we offer free service for the first 500kms you cover next one after 1500kms.
>   Tthe bike has a warranty of 0ne year.
>   Spares parts are readily available from our show room
>   We offer our clients discounts on cash basis